What it Takes to Write a B2B Value Prop That Sells

Why is it so hard to write good B2B content? We’re not complaining. If it were easy, we wouldn’t have your attention or your business. Even professional writers often miss the mark. The fact is: most B2B messaging sucks. 71% of decision makers say that less than half of the B2B content they consume provides […]

How Content and SEO are Inextricably Connected

Often, we hear the terms content and SEO in different contexts. We think of content as the deliverables of a campaign — blog posts, videos, white papers, email blasts, infographics and the like. When we think of SEO, we gravitate toward the mechanics of generating traffic and driving visitors to a website.

Fully Articulate Your Brand

It’s frustrating. You have a great story to tell, but your messaging and marketing materials miss the mark. They fail to convey the real experience prospects would have if they truly understood your brand — your people, your technology, your products, your services and the thinking that drives it all.