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What it Takes to Write a B2B Value Prop That Sells

Death By Measurement: 3 Ways Traditional Metrics Are Killing Your Marketing Plan

Over the past decade, marketing has grown from a necessary expense to the strategic force behind the entire customer experience — much in thanks to the shift toward data-driven marketing. But this shift has also created problems.

How Content and SEO are Inextricably Connected

Often, we hear the terms content and SEO in different contexts. We think of content as the deliverables of a campaign — blog posts, videos, white papers, email blasts, infographics and the like. When we think of SEO, we gravitate toward the mechanics of generating traffic and driving visitors to a website.

Four Reasons WordPress is the Right CMS for Your Business

As customer purchase journeys evolve to include more online research activities, brands that fail to prioritize their online presence risk missing out on valuable engagement opportunities.

Six Ways to Boost Global B2B Marketing Efforts Through Translation

When your customers are spread around the globe, how do you ensure you’re reaching them with relevant, compelling content that they understand and will act upon? Translation is one way in which you can do this.

There’s a New Contact Marketing Movement Producing Shocking Levels of Response and ROI. Are You Part of It?

Marketing and Sales have always been housed in separate silos.  But there is a new marketing movement afoot that is changing all of that—Contact Marketing—which is generating metrics that are hard to believe, and even harder to ignore.

Seven Common Characteristics of Global Brands

Seven takeaways from the webinar “How Global Brands Translate” hosted by Vistatec of Dublin, Ireland.

Fully Articulate Your Brand

It’s frustrating. You have a great story to tell, but your messaging and marketing materials miss the mark. They fail to convey the real experience prospects would have if they truly understood your brand — your people, your technology, your products, your services and the thinking that drives it all.