Reflections from my BrandLab Internship with Words At Work


By Oyinda Itabiyi


It was early July when I first stepped foot at Words at Work. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure what type of environment I was stepping into. Shortly after exiting the elevator, the double doors of Words at work stood before me. I rang the doorbell and a nice lady by the name of Steph Haugan came to open the doors with a warm smile. The rest was history.


Today as I type this blog post I am approaching my last days here at Words at Work.  First things first, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone here at Words at Work for welcoming me into their space for the total of 10 weeks to immerse myself in what the day to day looks like at this company. Everyone I had the chance of engaging with was nothing short of kind.


My supervisor Kate made sure she gave me the tools and advice when it came to my projects. She assured me that when it comes Adobe it’s a process and a muscle that you keep exploring or exercising and that process rarely ends. After taking that into consideration I started to feel a bit freer to test boundaries and really dive into InDesign and Illustrator without feeling afraid to mess up. I appreciate the encouragement I received to self-teach myself. The hours spent on Lynda learning the logistics of the Adobe creative cloud is something that I’m grateful happened when it did as the end of my college career is approaching and that being something an aspiring creative in Advertising should have experience in.


During my time here, I learned how important paying attention to details are, how important it is to keep your clients satisfied, and got a first-hand look at what being diligent in your work looks like.


While my time at Words at Work seemed to go by as fast as lightening I will always remember my time here as a necessary moment in my early career that aided my experience and growth as I pursue my journey to becoming not only an Art Director but an Art director that every person and company who was a part of my journey will be proud of.


To end my time here I would like to Thank Mark Derks, Kate Iverson, everyone at Words at Work and The BrandLab for being a part of my story.



Author: Oyinda Itabiyi